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Fundation of the Bükk National Park

Foundation of the Bükk National Park

Bükk National Park - including the Bükk Mountains, a part of the Northern Mountain Range - was established on 1 January 1977 on an initial 38,774.6 hectares.; as of today it covers 43,168.8 hectares. It is the third national park in Hungary, but the first one in a mountain area. The head office was in Miskolc until 1979, but then it was moved to Eger. Ever since the head office is housed at 6 Sánc St. in Eger-Felnémet.

The decree of designation defines the following tasks:

  • To protect the typical and varied landscape features and the natural assets:
    • Rock formations, caves, dolines, springs and other water bodies;
    • Mountain meadows and pastures rich in Carpathian floristic elements, typical and rare forest types, as well as indigenous plant communities and animal species.
  • To preserve the cultural features of the landscape;
  • To safeguard the conditions for the research of the area;
  • To promote recreation and education in nature, while conserving natural assets;
  • To promote ecotourism, so both natural and cultural assets are interpreted to the public;
  • To function as a best-practice site for environmental protection.

Property data

There have been instances of extension of the national park since its designation, comprising 43,168.8 hectares as of today. This area is managed and utilized in different ways, i.e. 94.27 percent of it is forest, 3.35 percent is grassland (meadow and pasture), 1.95 percent is withdrawn from cultivation, 0.42 percent is arable land, and the remaining 0.01 percent is vineyards and orchards.

The protected area is situated in two counties, the bigger part (65 percent) in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, while the smaller part (35 percent) in Heves County.

The municipalities fully or partially overlapping the Bükk Nationa Park:

- Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County: Dédestapolcsány, Mályinka, Tardona, Varbó, Parasznya, Miskolc, Bükkszentkereszt, Kisgyőr, Sály, Kács, Cserépváralja, Cserépfalu, Bükkzsérc and Répáshuta

- Heves County: Eger, Felsőtárkány, Szarvaskő, Mónosbél, Bélapátfalva, Szilvásvárad and Nagyvisnyó

In fact, there is only one settlement that is situated within the boundaries of thenational park. This is Répáshuta, with a population of 424 inhabitants.

Some 97.7 percent of the national park is state owned, with the following managing organizations in charge: the Egererdő Forestry Company (on the western side if the Bükk), the Eszakerdő Forestry Company (on the eastern side of the Bükk), while only 2.5 percent of the area is managed by the Bükk National Park Directorate.

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