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Tourist caves of the Bükk National Park

The caves used by tourism are hollows that have been transformed to the greatest extent in comparison with their natural state. On the area of Bükk Mountains, there are four caves accessible for tourists: Anna Cave, Diósgyőr-Tapolca Cave, Szent István Cave and Miskolc-Tapolca tavasbarlang which are all intensively protected. The Anna Cave and the Szent István Cave are operated by the Directorate. The biggest interventions in these caves were caused by the man-made widening of hollows, gallery buildings and the removal of natural filling material. The narrower galleries between the easily passable parts were widened; pavements and stairs were created for the comfort of the visitors. Besides the above described famous "prehistoric man caves" of the Bükk (e.g. Suba-lyuk, Szeleta Cave, Istállós-kő Cave) the following ones may also provide attraction.

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