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Open air school in Felsőtárkány

The Nyugati Kapu Education and Visitors’ Centre − Felsőtárkány

Address: Felsőtárkány, Ifjúság u. 34/1. Tel./fax: 00-36-36-534-078

Our education and visitors’ centre in Fels?tárkány is an ideal place for forest school, environmental education, nature study and family leisure programs.

A rock park (a geological display site) can be found on the lake shore path just outside the reception building. A “three-route” study trail network presenting the sights of the surrounding areas as well as the natural and cultural historical values of the Bükk Mountains starts from the Szikla Spring. In the main building, at the exhibition entitled ‘Karst and its living world’, dioramas, a relief maquette, tableaux and interactive multimedia tools are available for visitors.

In the building, the following facilities are provided: 4 6-bed rooms and 2 8-bed rooms (with bunk-beds) suitable for 40 people, separate showers and toilets for men and women, a preparatory kitchen with a separate entrance on the ground floor. Meals can also be had in the nearby restaurants. In the central building a lecture hall (52 m2), suitable for holding exhibitions, workshops, re-trainings and conferences, and in the park a camping site and a covered seminar room (100 m2) are available for our guests and for those interested.

The Forest School Program

Our Forest School Program encourages visitors to explore the physical environment and to collect exciting experiences, offering the joint exploration of the mountains and the forest. We put great emphasis on developing an approach to love and admire nature. Our methods are based on direct experiences, the extension of knowledge and the improvement of skills.

Modules of the 5-day (39-hour) program entitled ‘The Bükk is wonderful!’ are as follows:

  • Natural values and the protection of the Bükk Mountains - serving the exploration of the Bükk National Park; Exploration of the ‘K?köz route’ - outdoor exercises on the study path promoting orientation;

    Avifauna - active bird protection, bird identification, bird-ringing demonstration; Let’s go to the Vár Hill! - exploration of the forest, quest for hidden archaeological, historical and ethnographical values;

    Rambling in the Bükk Mountains - excursions, field exercises at more distant sites;

  • Playful quiz - entertaining evaluation.

By our field exercises, the living world of the forests, grasslands, wetlands, geological historical past of the mountains, the archaeological, historical and ethnographical heritage of the peoples that settled down here as well as the nature conservation activity taking place in the national park are revealed.

The range of our indoor trainings includes microscoping, slide show lectures, the use of identification books of minerals, rocks, plants and animals, playful quizzes, handicraft trainings. Our forest school programs are based on the knowledge and work of environmental educators, nature conservation experts and rangers.

In addition to our forest school service, we provide an ideal place for summer camps, a base for tent camps, study excursions, backpacker and cycling tourist groups.

We undertake

  • professional guidance of excursions, field tours;
  • guidance of study excursions;
  • organisation and management of vocational exercises, field exercises;
  • supervision of diploma theses;
  • lectures on nature and nature conservation;
  • organisation of nature conservation exhibitions;
  • organisation of nature conservation thematic camps, active nature conservation camps;
  • forest school programs.

We offer co-operation in

  • the organisation of events on important dates in connection with nature conservation;
  • the organisation of quizzes on nature conservation, competitions, academic clubs, school trainings;
  • the compilation of forest school programs, in the development of the program’s components (we provide help in fulfilling the educational goals of primary school curricula and in elaborating framework programs in accordance with the local pedagogical, health educational and environmental educational programs of individual schools).

We provide information on our study trails, popular education publications, education side-materials and exhibition sites.

Information can be obtained at the address of the Bükk National Park Directorate below:

H-3304 Eger, Sánc u. 6.

Tel.: 00-36-36-411-581; Fax: 00-36-36-412-791

E-mail: titkarsag@bnpi.hu

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